With the Casual Employee device, we can record the attendance of every single casual & using finger-print and face-ID technology


Using Fingerprint scanner and Face recognition technology we are removing the ghost employees in the casual payrolls sector and making the salary payments faster and easy by linking employer's Bank account to the casual employee mobile money account. We give access to a loan of up to $400 in partnership with MTN Mobile Money


" Casual workers are also often employed on an "as needed" basis. Some casual workers may experience long periods of time between being offered shifts. Casual employees don't usually work set hours, although some casual workers do work long, regular hours."


" One of the biggest cons of casual employment is that, as a casual employee, you have no guarantee to regular hours of work which, in turn, means no guarantee of regular income."

Smack Frog

"Another drawback is the need for you to have to take work even when it’s inconvenient to take work on. This is because the nature of casual employment means that you are required to work on very little notice."



We give you a free Device (ZAMU), to help you manage your onsite casual employees with a ghost employee detection. The device records the attendance of a casual using Finger-Print and Face-Id technology and you can manage it remotely.
With a single click, you can pay your casual employees directly into their Mobile money wallets, Our system built on Data Object Architecture(DOA) is very secured, and SSL Certified.
If you are a casual employee, You can benefit from a soft loans of up to $400 in partnership with MoKash there is no collateral needed you only need to be registerd on Ihatecash system.


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